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          MEET THE CHEF

   Chef Bill Mitchell

Chef Bill

Hello ! I'm Chef Bill Mitchell, I've been cooking close to 30 years now and enjoy taking the stress away from people that are planning an event.


Believe me I know, I do it all the time. The difference is I love doing it!

My career has giving me the opportunity to cook for many different organizations and events.


From being a food consultant for ABC's "Born to Explore" TV Show, Teacher at Los Banos Unified School District, New England Patriots NFL Player, Google/YouTube  Executives, Gallo Family, McAfee Group, Hollywood Movie Producers,  Chef at Villa Vallecito Vineyards and Vandage Winery

( Current), Large Buffets Weddings & Memorials, Back Yard Parties,  Fundraiser Cooking Classes, Boutique  Weddings, Churches, Private Dinners, Family and Private Dinners Personal Chef.  


Whatever your needs are!!

   " Just make sure you're having Fun !"

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