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   Private Dinners By Chef Bill Agreement

**1. Chef Bill brings his own pots and pans, Host supplies plates, utensils, drinks, glasses, napkins, and table/chairs ( I'm just replacing you in the kitchen) 

**2. Charge is "Per Person" ( except the pricing "For Two and Four people) 

3. Full Payment is due two weeks before event. Any cancellation for ANY reason will within 10 days        before the event will result in a $100 cancellation Fee. If cancelled 2 days before the event date,        the $100 cancellation fee PLUS the cost of the food, as the food is bought 2 days before the 

4. Private Dinners by Chef Bill will Email Agreement.
5. A $75.00 trip charge to the event is applied to the total charge..

6. Payment is made by Paypal using the Buy Now Button on this site.

7. Host must agree to agreement to go forward with the event.

8. Hard copy of agreement will be sent by e-mail.  Acknowledgment  to "agree" to the agreement is
    made by a "reply" back to

9. NO Refund adjustments if count goes down within the 2 weeks before the event date.

10. If event is cancelled within the 2 weeks, there is a $100.00 cancellation fee.

11. If the event is cancelled 2 days before the event, besides the $100 cancellation fee, there will 
    also be the food cost amount, as the food is bought 2 days before the event.

12. If the count goes up after the agreed agreement Host will owe set amount of the per person price.

13. Children 4 and under are Free.  5 to 9 yrs of age are charged 2 for 1( odd number is half off)



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